What is polyphasic sleep and how does it work?

After a hectic work-filled day, the human body hardly needs rest which is acquired only via sleep, getting peaceful and restful sleep is essential for good health. In this busier lifestyle majority of people do follow the monophasic pattern of sleep which is nothing but taking complete sleep once in a day. In other cases, most people do follow a biphasic sleep pattern where people would take one long sleep at night and a nap at noon. Monophasic and Biphasic are common sleep patterns followed by the people. There are some cases where busy working people do follow polyphasic sleep patterns. The name itself means that taking sleep more than twice a day and giving body rest on a timely basis. The best example would be babies and soldiers. They do follow polyphasic sleep patterns where they are active for 5-6 hours and fall asleep for 30 minutes. But several confusions still prevail whether having a polyphasic sleep pattern is good for health or will there be any side effects to get to know a lot about them just by continuing further.

Is it true that polyphasic sleep is effective?

In reality, most of the scientists are similar to this polyphasic sleep pattern which lets them be active and work hard with less nap time per day. Moreover, people say that having a polyphasic sleep pattern triggers our body to deeper and make the restful REM sleep quickly. If you check on the past decade’s many animals, mammals, even humans followed polyphasic sleep patterns where humans have recently changed the sleep patterns to monophasic. So, great people say polyphasic is more effective when compared to having monophasic with 8 hours of continuous sleep.

Pros and Cons in having polyphasic sleep pattern:

When you check on the polyphasic its effectiveness and work ideology the sleeping timing breaks play a vital role. If you are aware that you are going to work on time and shouldn’t fall asleep in that case you should take proper break times for sleep. It may be 3 -4 hours work 30 mins of sleep then again 3 -4 hours works. This would help to keep you physically and mentally effective and make you be focused on your work. Need to know more about them just check out below.

  • Better accommodations for irregular work schedules.
  • Reduces the stress that is associated due to insomnia
  • Prolong polyphasic sleep pattern the brain gets into sleep faster when compared to normal human
  • Sustain adenosine level increases and improvise the mental clarity

Besides all these, it creates productivity as it increases the creative and effective thinking in the human brain.

When there is a good thing there is a mild consequence prevailing on it, in that case even in the polyphasic sleep pattern there are multiple cons that are reported from the majority of people such as sleep deprivation, cardiac rhythm changes, and influenced impact in hormone production. However, each human has their own needs based on your needs of rest you can decide whether you can have a polyphasic sleep pattern in a power nap!