Smartest Choices in the World of Trading

The stockbroker is the right place for those who want to invest more profitably. At your bank, you have access to limited applications. Often, options are determined by equity, that is, the product range increases for so-called “premium” customers.

What You Really Need

Not to mention that, the larger the size of the institution, the tendency is that the profitability of the financial products offered is lower. Meanwhile, at the stockbroker, you have a wider range of investments. For example, there are CDBs issued by small, medium and large banks for you to choose at will. From the Blix Group you can have the smartest solutions here.

In addition to this freedom, you can invest your money without leaving your home. Negotiations are completely online, including opening an account. Another reason why you need a stockbroker is the possibility to invest in investments that, in theory, are aimed only at large investors, such as FICs, in the Futures Market and in stocks.

  • Note that this way, you can earn a lot more money than when investing through banks.
  • The associated costs are even lower. In the next few topics, we’ll show you in detail.

Investing Money by the Broker or Bank: Which is More Worth It?

The stock broker is the best way to invest with more profitability and security. This is the ideal alternative to achieve your goals, especially for those just starting out in the financial market. From the Blix Group you will be having the best choices here.

There are several ways to make your money grow and you probably want an option that meets your income expectations and life goals, right?

Generally, banks offer a more limited range of applications, mainly for small investors. This is because, small and medium investors tend to be directed to the most common applications, which are savings and capitalization bonds.