Most Watched Direct Ott Releases In 2020

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  1. Krack –Veera Shankar (Ravi Teja) is a powerfulpolice officer. Wherever he is transferred, he fights with the local criminals. He falls in love with heroine Sruthi Hasan, gets married and lives with a child. Katari (Samuthirakani) is a big don in the same town. In this situation, Samuthirakani finds out that his daughter is in love with a police constable and kills him. Ravi Teja takes the field against Samuthirakani who killed the police.How this rivalry between the two ends up is the main story. In the 1st half of the movie Ravi Teja enjoys a good family life with his wife and their only son. In the 2nd half after lots of masala drama Veera Shankar finds a way to eliminate his enemies.

Casting –  The director Gopichand Malineni spares no pains to bring Veera Shankar (Ravi Teja) in best of his police avatar. Shruti Hassan has also done nice in her character.  Both Varalakshmishratkumar and Samuthirakani has played well.B. Madhu is the producer of the film. The music by Thyman adds extra spark of herioism in the movie.

  1. Dirty Hari– Hari (Shravan Reddy), who grew up in a village, comes to a new city to make dreams come true. There, he fell in love with a rich girl Vasudha (Ruhani Sharma). Hari – Vasudha marriage takes place. Hari, who is married to Vasudha, leads an affair with Jasmine(Simrat Kaur) who is a girlfriend of his friend akash. What kind of trouble did Hari, who manages to hide the Jasmine affair secret, face? How did Hari hide the Jasmine affair without Vasudha’s knowledge? How did Hari get torn between the two? What did Dirty Hari do in the end? Is the rest of the story.

Casting – Shravan Reddy did well in the role of Dirty Hari. Ruhani Sharma and Simrat Kaur, who acted as heroines did justice to their role. Producer MS Raju, directed the movie. Director MS Raju directed the film targeting the youth.Mark K. Robin background music is not so impressive. The producer of the film is  MS Raju.

  1. Mail – Ravi Kumar (Harshit Reddy) is increasingly fond of computers in the days when computers occasionally come into the villages. Determined to do a computer course, a new computer training center was started in Kambalapally. The life of a boy who fell in love with a computer is beautifully portrayed in a very natural rural setting. Haibat (Priyadarshi) from the same town wants Ravi to learn computer he has brought to his new home.Then one day a mail in the inbox change the storyline of the movie. You have to watch it.

Casting – Priyadarshi acted very well. Harshit Reddy, the new boy, played the role of Ravikumar is very well. The heroine looked natural in the role of Gauri.Director of the movie is Uday Gurrala.The producer of the film is priyanka dutt.The music  composed by Kamran is very nice.

Enjoy telugu new movies and feel an adrenaline rush in you watching this movies.