Mastering Coupon Stacking: A Shopper’s Guide to Big Savings

If you want to save money, coupon stacking is one of the best ways to do it. This practice allows shoppers to combine nonidentical coupons (like a manufacturer and store coupon) on the same purchase to get a higher discount. 

The key is to understand your store’s policy on coupon stacking and redemption requirements. Then you can plan your shopping trips wisely. 

Super Discounts 

Coupon stacking can be a complex process that requires knowledge of multiple discounting methods. Experienced deal hunters utilize every tool at their disposal to compound savings. For example, using a cash-back app such as Checkout51 or Fetch Rewards when shopping with coupons can help increase your savings. 

Extreme couponers typically start by scouring their local newspaper ads and store circulars for the best deals. Then, they build their arsenal by signing up for email lists that provide exclusive digital or printable coupons. These e-coupons function differently than manufacturer coupons, as retailers typically pay the cost of these discounts themselves. Therefore, they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons on sale items without hurting the retail price. You can even use these e-coupons in conjunction with a store loyalty program discount. 

Coupon Stacking Tips 

Stacking is a way to save money by applying more than one discount at checkout. Buyers have been using this strategy in-store for years, primarily at grocery stores and drug stores. In order to effectively use coupon stacking, buyers must understand the different types of coupons available and how they can be applied. 

Manufacturer coupons come directly from the product creator and are often found in local newspaper circulars. Store coupons are usually limited to the retailer that sells the item and are found in weekly ad booklets. 

Shoppers can also layer on savings through online shopping portals and rebate websites. Stackable discounts make shoppers happy and are great for retailers as they can boost customer loyalty and drive sales. GOBankingRates offers a primer on how to coupon stack like a pro. 

Saving Money with Coupons 

Coupon stacking is a great way to save on groceries and household items. When paired with a weekly sale in your local grocery store, these discounts can help you leave the store paying Blog Giam Gia very little or even for nothing. 

However, finding and understanding the coupon policies of a store is critical to making this type of discount strategy successful. It’s important to know that overage policies are often a stumbling block for coupon stacking, and it’s crucial that you’re aware of these before trying to save big with this method. 

The best place to start is with the store’s sales flyers and online ads, as well as by browsing clearance endcaps at your local stores. Once you understand how to spot the deals, it’s time to try your hand at coupon stacking! 

Coupon Policy Understanding 

Knowing a store’s coupon policies and how they stack can go a long way toward maximizing your savings. This is especially true of grocery stores, which tend to be more generous about accepting coupons than discount or no-frills chains. 

For example, Whole Foods Market allows shoppers to use multiple coupons per purchase and even offers a loyalty program to earn additional discounts on products. However, other grocery chains limit the number of coupons that can be used, and some don’t allow you to stack coupons at all. 

The fine print of a coupon will often state something like “limit one coupon per purchase.” This disclaimer means that you can only use one manufacturer or store coupon for each item purchased. Some retailers also limit the number of identical coupon types that can be redeemed, such as four identical manufacturer coupons or three identical Target Circle coupons. 

Loyalty Programs for Discounts 

Most coupon stacking involves combining store and manufacturer coupons, but some brands also offer loyalty programs with additional discounts. For example, Sephora’s Beauty Insider rewards program gives members exclusive pricing on some products to encourage repeat purchases and reward loyal customers. 

Some loyalty programs reward clients with points that they can redeem for free products or discounts, while others provide cash back rebates. Companies like Starbucks, Petco Pals, and Mariott give their existing clients loyalty card points that they can redeem at any time to save on their next purchase. 

While online coupon stacking is much easier than in-store, it can still be difficult because of retailer policies and algorithms that discourage multiple coupons in one transaction. To help, there are apps that can automatically apply coupons to your cart. 

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