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Tenso can keep your objects freed from charge for as much as 30 days. Should you purchased solely from one store, then there isn’t any charge. There is, nevertheless, dealing with price (I assume this is to verify your objects and then pack them). Sailor Moon fans can look forward to getting their arms on a magical menagerie of unique Merchandise initially solely out there at the Sailor Moon store in Harajuku, in addition to a brilliant delicate, unique store-authentic Climax Moon Compact cushion. Delivery is scheduled for January, at which time it might be part of every other item of Proplica Sailor Moon regalia you occur to have in your collection. Did you ever dream of having a Sailor Moon make-up or a box stuffed with sweet with cute Sailor Moon designs?

From Harajuku, the birthplace of the kawaii culture aimed toward followers not solely in Japan but worldwide, we’re developing items that may be categorical the charm of Sailor Moon. Who doesn’t know Sailor Moon? Clients who spend over ¥3,000 (tax included) will also obtain a free folder. We will develop enticing goods for customers around the globe and from Japan from Harajuku, the place of cute culture. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (created by Naoko Takeuchi) was revealed in December 1991 in the Kodansha magazine Nakayoshi and became a social phenomenon that spanned generations leading to anime and items which are beloved but girls around the globe even right this moment. For those who love Sailor Moon, you won’t need to overlook going to the primary store devoted to Sailor Moon!

We love to hear what you assume, so be sure you be a part of the discussion and leave a comment down under! Also, when looking out on some sites, like mandrake and Rakuten, be sure to search in Japanese and English. We plan to promote quite many highly anticipated Sailor Moon items, together with authentic gadgets distinctive to the official shop. Here is an inventory of a few of the Merchandise to be sold within the Sailor Moon Official Merch official Sailor Moon store. Contains Merchandise resembling magnificence merchandise, jewelry, and equipment inspired by your favorite Sailor Scouts and guardian cats. The romantic and sweet accessories will be released, about Princess Serenity and Princess Usagi SL Serenity, the two princesses. Apart from that, among the previous “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” collaboration items might be re-released at “Q-pot.”